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Funny Nobody Really Cares About Racism in the NBA sketch re: Native Americans being sidelined #sterling #clippers #redskins

Funny video that nails the issue. Pass it on.

Forest Nation an epic poem by John Lavitt about Indian Country

The poet John Lavitt asked me to share this epic poem of his written about Indian Country. Enjoy.

The Dead Are Not Powerless: The Reckoning Of The Forest Nation

The Dead Are Not Powerless: The Reckoning Of The Forest Nation

Behold an unearthing, the restless remains unspoken still.

In stillness, a history long […]

Funny how Conservatives support Anti-Obamacare Lupus sufferer getting more government subsidies when it suites their manipulations

So the story in the ad below goes that Emilie Lamb, 39, is a middle-class woman who suffers from Lupus, a chronic illness. She voted for President Barack Obama in 2012, hoping Obamacare would benefit her.

She used to pay $57 a month in healthcare and now pays $373 per month. First of all […]

Watch Al Jazeera’s interesting program about Johnny Depp’s Tonto & Hollywood’s Native American narrative + my comments

I just saw this a couple of days ago and thought it was worth sharing as it has a strong objective voice from some key individuals from Indian Country. It’s hard to see objectivity to the film in articles written by people who criticised it for a year before seeing it as they clearly don’t […]

Want to see more films from Indian Country? YOU are the solution. Find out how.

Want to see more Native American films and TV shows? Well believe it or not you are the solution.

14 years ago I started filming a feature documentary in Indian Country, first because Russell Means asked me to film some political events but then because I had more and more people from all different sides […]

Here’s an article I wrote about my friend Russell Means’s passing

If Martin Luther King had instigated a civil rights action that resulted in a 71 day siege with the US government Marshalls and agents employing armoured personnel carriers, airforce jets and up to 500,000 bullets fired would it not be at the forefront of the history of US Civil Rights? American Indian Movement leader […]

A Thunder-Being Nation & Rez Bomb director Steven Lewis Simpson on KILI Radio on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Martin Sensmeier and Steven Lewis Simpson on the road through Indian Country

To buy A Thunder-Being Nation for to http://www.inyoentertainment.com/shop and for 15% off use the discount code Twit15 and 20% off orders over $60 Twit20

Another great video from the students of Todd County High School on the Rosebud Reservation

When is sexual equality not sexual equality? When it’s men and womens tennis

I remember when Wimbledon a few years ago announced that the small gap between men and women’s prize money had been closed and they would get the same and that would thus make it equal. Seems crazy to me since it’s not equal work. 3 sets versus 5. Why not both 5? Because you end […]