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Why I find crowdfunding so humbling and gracious

I have just started a new crowdfunding campaign for our movie adaptation of the much loved novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog set in Lakota Country and already there has been some very kind people supporting the project. It brings back the emotions felt on a couple of smaller campaigns I have done before and that […]

The story behind making Kent Nerburn’s novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog into a movie & Indiegogo campaign

Four years ago I was screening my Pine Ridge movie Rez Bomb around the reservation and surrounding area. At one of the screenings Kent Nerburn introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog and mentioned it would make a good movie.

I’m not the biggest reader and […]

My next movie in Indian Country is to be an adaptation of novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog find out more here

We’re getting close to shooting a movie adaptation of Kent Nerburn’s acclaimed novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog set throughout Lakota Country. It is a contemporary story and we’ve received an amazing amount of support and encouragement from Indian Country towards our making of this.

It is a profound contemporary story that has moved many […]