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Destruction of bibles by military absolutely right.

Wrote this a while back but forgot to post. Here it is now.

Destruction of bibles by military absolutely right. The troops role not to promote religion. Good to see right thing done.

(CNN) — Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid […]

A webcam shoot of full interview with director Steven Lewis Simpson

Here’s the unedited interview I did for a small doc being made about directors from the North East of Scotland. I shot it on my webcam while there were filming. There are two clips.

Don’t know if it’s of interest to anyone but thought I’d chuck it up anyway.


Rez Bomb now for sale at world famous Prairie Edge store in Rapid City

We are pleased to announce that Rez Bomb is now being sold at the Prairie Edge store in Rapid City and on their website http://www.prairieedge.com/item/13527/37/378 . Many of you will know the store for their incredible range of American Indian arts and crafts but they also carry most major films and docs set in Indian […]

Rez Bomb back on the shelves at Big Bats on Pine Ridge

After we were all caught off guard over how quick Big Bats sold out of the DVD’s of Rez Bomb (old out in less than a week) they have a bigger supply there now.


People are aware of the Charlie Wilson’s War version of the CIA supporting the mujahideen in their war against the Soviet supported Afghan government but rarely does anyone mention the fact that the CIA were involved in the Islamic rebels actions against the Afghan Government of six months before the Soviets were asked in by […]

Burning children alive with Naplam and John McCain

You know after I had the privilege of meeting Nick Ut the photographer who took the history changing Vietnam footage of the girl burned by Napalm I started to think that if John McCain was not in prison through most of the war then as a pilot there is a good chance that he would […]

Obama: Police who arrested professor ‘acted stupidly’

Every time an incident like this happens the cops in question should be investigated in every last detail in their conduct and if as dubious as it looks then they should have their past cases investigated immediately after they are kicked out the door. The repercussions throughout society of racism in the police force is […]

Nick Ut taker of the Napalm Girl photo in Vietnam – A pure honor to shake his hand

I’ve been fortunate to meet some extraordinary people in this world and some who have shaped history or our art or culture and have even gotten to call one or two my friend but there was one gentleman that I met recently through a dear friend and with whom we had dinner with that it […]

REZ BOMB playing at the Aberdeen Film Festival on Sunday the 26th July

I’m now back in Scotland for the screening of Rez Bomb at the Aberdeen Film Festival and the film screens on Sunday. One of my previous features The Ticking Man screens the following Thursday. Should be fun as it’s the first time I’ve show one of my movies in my home town in many years, […]

How many soveriegn nations have unprovoked attacked the US since WW2? One

The only incident I can find of a foreign nation committing an unprovoked attack on the US military while not at war with the USA is ironically Israel when their jet fighters and a torpedo gun boat killed 34 Americans on the USS Liberty. The US initially blamed Egypt and had bombers in the air […]