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Russell Means on Riz Khan’s show talking about Thanksgiving

Here’s an interesting interview recently with Russell on Riz Khan’s great show on Al Jazeera

Renaming Thanksgiving – Suggestions please

Some of my American Indian friends and relatives call Thanksgiving turkey day as that is about all the respect it deserves from them, despite the phony message of the day when you take into account the genocide that followed. Personally I want to see it renamed as Ungrateful Bastards Day. Anyone got any other suggestions?

Lakota Country Times article “Higher Ground Coffee House Attracts ‘Rez Bomb’ Director and French Photographer”

Here’s a recent article in the terrific Lakota Country Times http://www.lakotacountrytimes.com/news/2009-10-13/Headlines/Higher_Ground_Coffee_House.html

Higher Ground Coffee House Attracts ‘Rez Bomb’ Director and French Photographer By Roseanna Renaud – Times Correspondent

(below l-r )Stephen Lewis Simpson, Leon Matthews, and Jean-Claude Figenwald PINE RIDGE – What do a Scotsman from Aberdeen, Scotland (not South Dakota), and a Frenchman from […]

So why a Serbian hitman? Isn’t that a stereotype?

When my third movie, Retribution premiered at the Montreal Film Festival there was a guy how walked up to me as the credits were playing and asked in a thick Eastern European accent, ” I loved your movie but why did you have to make the Hitman a Serbian, isn’t that a stereotype?” I guess […]

I was interviewed on Mexican Television last night, view here

the interview was following the screening at the Cancun Film Festival. On the player you have to scroll along to the milenio noticias 20:00 hrs program dated the 17th of November. It starts about 38mins 37 seconds in and finished at the 41:36 mark