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I wonder what Obama’s interns are like? Bush’s were evangelical Christian’s and Clinton’s got down on their knees for a different reason.

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You know Jamie Foxx’s statement the other night about Michael Jackson “We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us, and we shared him with everyone else.” really pissed me off because of its absolute stupidity. The Beatles belonged to the white British but they decided to share them with the world would […]

“I dont think I’ve enjoyed a film this much since The Dark Knight” fabulous blog review of Rez Bomb

Here’s a great fan blog on Rez Bomb at http://noimkara.blogspot.com/2009/09/rez-bomb-review.html

Rez Bomb Review Monday, September 28, 2009

Ahh so this was meant to be posted a few days ago but I never got round to writing it. Anyway. Last week I ordered the film “Rez Bomb” off ebay (special edition), I’m kinda gutted that […]

48 minute long never before seen interview with Russell Means

There is a never before seen interview that I conducted with Russell Means that makes up part of the 3 hours and 45 mins worth of extra features on the Rez Bomb DVD. The inverview was conducted at Russell’s home on Pine Ridge a few years back and he discusses the origins of his people […]

Please read these great responses to my blog on Russell Means on Al Jazeera and Thanksgiving(taking)

I received some very powerful comments on some of my blogs from Barbara Rose Calzado that I wanted to share.

to Russell Means on Riz Khan’s show talking about Thanksgiving

Barbara Rose Calzado December 8th, 2009 at 6:49 pm · Edit I am a Un-enrolled member of The Oglala Sioux Tribe, My biological parents were […]

View the Rez Bomb Trailer here (if you like it then please share, embed etc)

The embed code is on Youtube if you want to post or pass on.

Did Obamas people have Myspace remove my Landmine ban protest picture?

A few weeks ago I uploaded the picture below in protest at Obama’s lack of supporting the international land mine ban and I posted a comment on his myspace page saying as much with the picture embedded in it. The next day I get the message from myspace that: “We had to remove an image […]

Fast one click Paypal payment for Rez Bomb DVD with FREE SHIPPING

Here’s a one click button for paypal users to buy the Rez Bomb special edition DVD with free shipping. There are lot more link options for international buyers, UK buyers etc on the Rez Bomb Homepage