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Why I think Larry King is a hack The Jerry Seinfeld clip

I have to be honest, I think Larry King is a hack, I am shocked he has the prestige he has and why his too often celebrity driven show belongs on a news channel. The clip below sums up this more than anything and how short of the mark he is.


Russell Means talking about “If I Were President of the USA”

This is pretty funny, I just saw it for the first time.

Keith Olbermann plea to support disaster aid to Indian reservations

I never had much of a view on Keith Olbermann some comments I like some I thought were overblown. Now I am a big fan for being a rare thing in journalism, someone who woke up for at least a few seconds to the plight of those in extreme hardship in Indian Country today. Lots […]

Rez Bomb Standard Edition DVD now released from $12.50

We have newly released the Standard Edition Rez Bomb DVD for the introductory price of $15.00 with FREE SHIPPING for this introductory period if bought from us directly. It includes directors commentary and Trailers. Also for those who are not fans of packaging (I am one) we are offering a version which is the same […]