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Rez Bomb director heading to Navajo Nation today vis Flagstaff looking for advice on where to go and who to meet?

Hi, I’ve heading on a road trip for a week onto and around Navajo Nation from LA.

Partly to set up new retailers for the DVD of Rez Bomb that’s been selling well and also to get to know more of the country. Looking to make new friends along the way so get in […]

Special offer Rez Bomb DVD unpackaged for $10

Here’s a special offer for a short time. The standard edition DVD of Rez Bomb just in a sleeve (netflix style) and we pass on the packaging savings and postage to you (postage only $1).


Video of President Clinton on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from 1999

An interesting historical note here… Clinton on Pine Ridge (not that anything much came from it surprise surprise)

Leonard Peltier Speaks From Prison (from 2000)

Leonard Peltier speaks to Democracy Now! in a rare interview from prison, broadcast June 12, 2000. The Native American leader has spent the last 24 years of his life in prison, mainly at the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth. He was convicted of the June 26,1975 murders of two FBI agents on the Jumping Bull Ranch […]

Listen to a recent John Trudell podcast here

Here’s a recent pod cast of work of John Trudell from johntrudellarchives.com

Lakota Country retailers of Rez Bomb

Here’s an update of which retailers sell Rez Bomb on Lakota Reservations and beyond in South Dakota.

Pine Ridge Big Bats Heritage Centre (Red Cloud) Oglala Lakota College (Library) Lil Angels (Kyle) Pinkies (Manderson) Lakota Prairie Ranch Resort Singing Horse (Manderson) Porcupine Trading Cubby’s – Oglala (Gas station) Reddy Mart

Rosebud Kary’s – Parmlee St […]