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The Leonard Peltier Story – On Russia Today

The Peltier side of this report starts about 2 mins 30 seconds in. Russia Today cover Indian Country stories more than about anyone.

Update on A Thunder-Being Nation – Pine Ridge Indian Rez documentary

Well a break-though. I’ve finally brought the edit my epic documentary about Pine Ridge from its origins through to today to under 100 minutes which is quite an achievement as the first cut was over 4 hours. It’s extraordinary the mass of stories, history and information we’ve managed to get inside this doc.

There’s […]

We are looking for film scripts set in Navajo Country

I am exploring whether to shoot a movie later next year in the Navajo Nation and are looking for great commercial scripts and idea’s and if we can find a great project to collaborate with the writers and get the film made.

What I am looking for is contemporary, entertaining stories (can be comedy, action, […]

$3 Discount on Rez Bomb DVD’s for our friends on our social networks 4 Christmas. A perfect gift.

Here to help our friends in our social networks to fill their Christmas stockings is a $3 discount on the Rez Bomb DVD’s only available by clicking the links below.

Choose Standard or Special Edition + Shipping options Standard Edition USA $12.00Standard Edition Rest of World +$2.00 intl post $14.00Special Edition USA $18.95Special Edition […]