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Do People Really Not Want to see the Happier More Successful Side of Indian Country?

Indian Country is many many things, many people’s, nations, environments. Some very rich and some very poor. I have been fortunate to spend time with many people from many Nations within Indian Country. The diversity is immense but the one thing that is most consistent and that is the humor.

Yet it is interesting […]

White Clay, A Time for Tough, Level Headed Decisions for the People of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Firstly, we would all like to see alcoholism end on Pine Ridge as everywhere else. Though that reality is not likely. It’s destruction on Pine Ridge is seismic in so many dark ways it is hard to bear. An alcoholic may recover but a child abused by one may not ever.

We are all […]

Pass this on – The stupidity of Ronald Reagan talking about Indian Reservations

The ignorance of this is staggering, this is what he said “Let me tell you just a little something about the American Indian in our land. We have provided millions of acres of land for what are called preservations—or reservations, I should say. They, from the beginning, announced that they wanted to maintain their way […]

My thoughts in appreciation of Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest people to grace this earth, Nelson Mandela is again ill and may not be around us for much longer. It’s brought up a lot of the emotions I feel for this man. When I was at school I would have to say the biggest issue I learnt there was the attosity […]


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My next movie in Indian Country is to be an adaptation of novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog find out more here

We’re getting close to shooting a movie adaptation of Kent Nerburn’s acclaimed novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog set throughout Lakota Country. It is a contemporary story and we’ve received an amazing amount of support and encouragement from Indian Country towards our making of this.

It is a profound contemporary story that has moved many […]


Hi I just got this interesting comment to a posting that I felt I wanted to share the reply with you all to dispell a regular misconception about film production in Indian Country. The comment was: “Are any of the royalities going to the Pine Ridge Rez? Or are they going to get took like […]

Russell Means talks about women/matriarchy (video clip)

Taken from the 48 minute long exclusive interview only available on the special edition of the DVD of the movie Rez Bomb set on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation starring Tamara Feldman, Trent Ford, Russell Means, Chris Robinson, Tokala Clifford, Moses Brings Plenty, Arlette Loud Hawk

Our DVD’s are available at amazon or www.inyoentertainment.com where you […]