Hi I just noticed this wonderful audience review recently posted on IMDB.com from a viewer of Rez Bomb. A wonderful review and beautifully written. It’s wonderful that film makers now can get such direct feedback from an audience.

RezBomb–A Fan Review, 19 June 2009

Author: Sol Fyre from United States
*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching my brand new copy of Rez Bomb this evening and I was NOT disappointed. Gritty is a great way to describe the film but, realistic is even better. Rez Bomb provides you with first person, narrative views of ‘the hustle’, its pitfalls and its resultant dangers.

Harmony, one of the main characters is in whole lot of trouble. She and her boyfriend owe a sizable amount of money to a dirty ol’ money peddler named Jaws. Jaws gets his kicks from terrorizing the local people of Pine Ridge Reservation. He has no fear of lawful retribution because the FBI won’t mobilize to enforce the law on ‘Indian’ land for a dead or beaten or raped Native man, woman or child–that would cost the U.S. government too much money. As a consequence, Jaws and his cronies have de-facto free reign on the rez.

Harmony and her white boyfriend Scott (played by Tamara Feldman and Trent Ford) have a plan to get them ‘set up’ and to get Harmony off the rez but,there is some trouble along the way. You root for Harmony and Scott throughout the entire film but, you especially root for Harmony. You respect her nerve, her tenacity, her cleverness and wit; you love her smile, her liveliness–her spirit. You want her to win and overcome and it is her character and the final outcomes that keeps you glued to the screen.

The film also accurately portrays the racial disharmony in U.S. society and the oppressor’s idealism that they are saving the rest of us; we are lazy, disrespectful and lost savages that need them or we will be lost forever. In addition you see the sense of entitlement and superiority that the oppressor has in regards to the environment and our lives.

On board for this gritty and realistic thrill ride is the veteran talents of Russell Means, and the most handsome and very likable talents of Moses Brings Plenty and Tokala Clifford. Russell plays Dodds who gets bilked for some cash in the first chapter of the film setting the tone for the dangers to come. Tokala Clifford plays Chilik (looking wonderfully Rez Boy Fresh as Harmony’s brother) and Moses Brings Plenty plays Johnny a drug dealer who is Scott’s friend and ally.

This is a great film to own whether you like blockbusters or indies and can easily hold its own against other blockbusters films such as Snatch and The Grifters. The story line hooks you and the actors do the rest. It is a solid film and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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