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Just back from another trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (from director of Rez Bomb)

I got back the other day from another fabulous three weeks in and around Pine Ridge. The highlight definitely was being Fire Keeper at Russell Means’s Sun Dance in Wind Cave in the Black Hills. It was an incredible honour to watch close up the dedication, courage and dignity the Sun Dancers held throughout the week. It really was one of the weeks of my life.

Went on a road trip around Rosebud, Pierre, Crow Creek, Lower Brule and Cheyenne River making sure the Rez Bomb DVD is available as widely there as possible so we’re not one of those companies to film in the area and never be heard of again. No other film is easier to access in certainly Pine Ridge and Rosebud.

Spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with Tom Poor Bear who updated me that there has still been no progress in the 11 year “investigation” into the murders of his family members Ron Hard Heart and Wally Black Elk. He’s a good guy and very dedicated for the search for justice.

Spent a night camping with the 100 mile horse race riders which was very cool and followed them for part of the race. Also hung out at the Oglala Lakota College graduation Powwow. So much happens on Pine Ridge during the summer and I have to say there is no-where else on earth that I get so welcomed and have so much fun. Sadly I heard today that Autumn Two Bulls who I hung out with at Red Shirt Table a couple of weeks ago is in jail now facing a $10,000 bond. (see the facebook page)

The last afternoon was a blast visiting with Leon Matthews at the Higher Ground coffee shop he owns with his wife. It’s a real classy place and Leon is always up for some witty banter.

So yet again an amazing time. It really is a wonderful place to visit.

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