Lakota Country retailers of Rez Bomb

Here’s an update of which retailers sell Rez Bomb on Lakota Reservations and beyond in South Dakota.

Pine Ridge
Big Bats
Heritage Centre (Red Cloud)
Oglala Lakota College (Library)
Lil Angels (Kyle)
Pinkies (Manderson)
Lakota Prairie Ranch Resort
Singing Horse (Manderson)
Porcupine Trading
Cubby’s – Oglala (Gas station)
Reddy Mart

Kary’s – Parmlee
St Francis – store
Turtle Creek Crossing
(a few other retailers in most districts)

Rapid City
Various Blockbusters
Prairies Edge

Cheyenne River
Lakota Thrifty Mart (Eagle Butte)
The Plains (Eagle Butte)

Dakota Emporium
Various Video Rental Stores

Shelby’s Mini Mart – Fort Thompson
Bookstore in Hot Springs

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