Available to watch online in full for the first time – Watch An Interview with Russell Means – 45 mins

In 1999 I’d been on Pine Ridge less than 3 hours when I found myself through twists of fate at Russell Means’s house as 3 days of political meetings were commencing. Russell asked me to record the event and also agreed to do an interview with me the next morning. For the first time this interview is available online in full (other than editing out some of the questions)

The 45 mins interview was up till now only available on the Special Edition DVD of our movie Rez Bomb that starred Russell and was shot on Pine Ridge. Excerpts from the interview are in our feature documentary A Thunder-Being Nation, the most comprehensive look at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (10 hours of extras on the Ultimate Edition DVD)

Click on this link to view it. Little excerpts are below. http://vimeo.com/ondemand/3234/69790042

Our DVD’s are available at amazon or www.inyoentertainment.com where you can save 15% using the coupon code Blog15 to save 15% or Blog20 to save 20% when spending $60 or more. The closer we get to recovering our costs on our films the quicker we can start looking to invest more in other projects in Indian Country although it’s an uphill battle finding an audience

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