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Hopefully it looks like Wounded Knee land sale strategy is working. Johnny Depp not required

So the owner of land at Wounded Knee has again seen another deadline pass without the sale of the land. I’ve blogged a couple of time before about how the tribe should be aggressive over this.

I am delighted when I read this from President Brewer of the Oglala Lakota Nation “Brewer said Czywczynski’s claims are nothing new. “He has been threatening to sell this land for years. This isn’t the first time.”

He added that even if Czywczynski sold Wounded Knee to an outsider, it would be unusable. “One of the problems is that our tribal lands completely surround his 34 acres. There is no way anyone could ever get to this land to do any type of development or anything else… the tribe would not allow it.”

“He wants to sell it, and it has only been valued at about $8,000,” Brewer said. “The owner has valued this land at $6 million, so I say to him, ‘Then why aren’t you paying taxes on land that is valued at $6 million?’ I and some of the descendants of Wounded Knee met with him and I told him, ‘No one will ever buy this.’”

This to me is the ideal stance. Earlier in the year when folks were getting defensive about this I emailed everyone in the Oglala administration I could suggesting the denial of business permits and threatening an eminent domain purchase rendering the land relatively valueless in the market. It is thrilling seeing these stances adopted and working. This is not just about Wounded Knee but all sacred sites. After the Bear Butte sale the concern was that other land owners with land sacred to Indian Country would look to cash in on that. Fingers crossed that this strategy continues to pay off. Ultimately I think the timing of the sale being announced shortly before the 40th Anniversary of the Wounded Knee occupation had much to do with it as he successfully stole the headlines.

I am also glad that the much talked about potential involvement of Johnny Depp has subsided as hopefully he has realized the additional implications of paying anything over the odds for this land. Such behavior of that of the seller cannot be endorsed in any manner.

Read more at Indian Country Today

I detailed more about the timing of the announcements etc in my more in depth blog here. http://rezbomb.com/blog/?p=691

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