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Funny how Conservatives support Anti-Obamacare Lupus sufferer getting more government subsidies when it suites their manipulations

So the story in the ad below goes that Emilie Lamb, 39, is a middle-class woman who suffers from Lupus, a chronic illness. She voted for President Barack Obama in 2012, hoping Obamacare would benefit her.

She used to pay $57 a month in healthcare and now pays $373 per month. First of all what immediately struck me about this is that $57 is so low for healthcare for anyone that it is so heavily subsidized. The sort of thing Conservatives rail against. Even $373 is very low. I was just discussing this with a Conservative friend who was a doctor all his life and his opinion was $6,000 was around the actual cost of average healthcare and it was clear she was still being heavily subsidized by the system. So basically she is complaining that she is not being subsidized enough.

Now I am from a country with universal healthcare and like all of Western Europeans we would never exchange it for the American system so my issue is not with the cost but that Conservatives are going against their own principals to purely have a dig at Obamacare and that they need to be called out on their hipocracy. Most Conservatives would be angry that someone is only paying $57 a month and are being subsidized by everyone else when most on average are more like $500+ a month. And yet they put their blinkers on when it’s a manipulation to bash Obama. A bit pathetic really.

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