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Why I find crowdfunding so humbling and gracious

I have just started a new crowdfunding campaign for our movie adaptation of the much loved novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog set in Lakota Country and already there has been some very kind people supporting the project. It brings back the emotions felt on a couple of smaller campaigns I have done before and that is the beauty of such kindness and how humbling it is when strangers place such faith in your vision. For me it is so powerful how such faith brings out feelings of not just wanting to honor that faith but exceed. I remember when I released my A Thunder-Being Nation documentary about Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on DVD I had promised there would be a special edition with around 4 hours of extras but instead I made sure there were 10 amazing hours so those kind people would feel that they had supported something that was a real asset. We live in a world where the news would have us believe that things are falling apart. In fact this is a golden age. 100 years ago tens of millions were away to be killed in Europe followed by a flu outbreak that would kill even more. There are horrific things going on but as a whole we are getting wiser and growing up (though not fast enough). There is such an air of kindness in the world that is far greater than those that destroy. I want to thank those that take leaps of faith and support those that create art and stories and help educate the hearts and the minds of the world. It is a beautiful service being done in to the world. Neither Wolf Nor Dog shall star 95 year old Lakota Elder Dave Bald Eage, John Trudell and Christopher Sweeney. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/126766071/neither-wolf-nor-dog-movie-adaptation

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