A Thunder-Being Nation – Pine Ridge Documentary

Filmed over eleven years A Thunder-Being Nation is a landmark feature documentary about Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from inception through to today from Rez Bomb director Steven Lewis Simpson. It has recently been released on DVD in two versions. An Ultimate 2 disc Edition with an epic 10 hours of amazing extra features and a Special Edition with 4 hours of Extras.

It is very much the voice of the Oglala nation not some distant academic view of life there. The narrative spans through from the story of origin through to life today covering Wounded Knee 1890 & 1973 as well as boarding schools, education today, the social problems there today, and as many subjects as you can imagine in between including the march for justice.

Interviewees range across the reservation from activists like Russell Means to the BIA superintendent and various former tribal presidents. most importantly it is the voice of the Ogala, particularly elder women.

Our DVD’s are available at amazon or www.inyoentertainment.com where you can save 15% using the coupon code Blog15 to save 15% or Blog20 to save 20% when spending $60 or more. The closer we get to recovering our costs on our films the quicker we can start looking to invest more in other projects in Indian Country although it’s an uphill battle finding an audience (as discussed in my previous post).


In depth promo about the doc

Excerpt of the work in progress on housing.

An early promo for the project

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