We’ve produced 13 episodes of this fun ground-breaking TV series.

one Santa Fe Indian Market Special (56:46)
two Anthony Thosh Collins/Native Peoples Magazine/21stCentury Skins
three Chris Eyre/Steven Paul Judd/Ryan Red Corn/Adam Beach
four Edna Rain Special
five Morongo Powwow Special
six Ron Scott/Michelle Thrush
seven Dey & Nite/Darrell Dennis
eight Virgil Ortiz Special
nine Howie Miller/Marisa Quinn/Shawn Imitates-Dog
ten Zahn Mcclarnon/Rulan Tangen (Dancing Earth)
eleven Edmonton Special Part 1 Sun & Moon Visionaries/Dreamspeakers/Dakota House
twelve Edmonton Special Part 2 Ashley Callingbull/Georgina Lightning
thirteen Larry Price/Rayanna Zaragoza/Bethany Yellowtail

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View episode one here now

Guests in the series

Chris Eyre Cheyenne/Arapaho
Steven Paul Judd Kiowa/Choctaw
Anthony Thosh Collins Pima/Osage
Adam Beach Anishinabe
Virgil Ortiz Cochiti
Shaunya Manus Navajo
Ryan Red Corn Osage
Cornel Tootoosis Cree
Edna Rain Cree
Ron Scott Metis
Michelle Thrush Cree
Larry Price Navajo
Chaske Spencer Lakota
Dey & Nite Arapaho
Darrell Dennis Shuswap
Nakotah LaRance Hopi/Tewa
Nicholas Galanin Tlingit/Aleut
Howie Miller Cree
Dakota House Cree
Ashley Callingbull Cree
Georgina Lightning Cree
Rayanna Zaragoza Pima
Steven LaRance Hopi
Helen Calahasen Dakota
Rulan Tangen Blackfoot
Lawrence Santiago Coushatta
Marisa Quinn Lipan Apache
Kevin Pourier Oglala Lakota
Shawn Imitates-Dog Oglala Lakota
Sho Sho Esquiro Kaska Dene/Cree
Zahn McClarnon Hunkpapa Lakota
Tchin Blackfeet/Narragansett
Bethany Yellowtail Crow/Northern Cheyenne
Mary Ann Andreas Morongo Band of Cahuilla