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Montage of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Here’s a small video that makes up one of the almost four hours worth of extra features on the Special Edition of the Rez Bomb DVD. It’s a montage of the Rez narrated by the films director and just gives some background to the reservation.

The full extra features are: Directors commentary
extra documentaries
Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee
Pine Ridge locations tour
Rushville locations tour
Sheridan Livestock Market
Sheridan County Players
Ranch Life
Nine minute opening of Scottish version

“I dont think I’ve enjoyed a film this much since The Dark Knight” fabulous blog review of Rez Bomb

Here’s a great fan blog on Rez Bomb at http://noimkara.blogspot.com/2009/09/rez-bomb-review.html

Rez Bomb Review
Monday, September 28, 2009

Ahh so this was meant to be posted a few days ago but I never got round to writing it. Anyway. Last week I ordered the film “Rez Bomb” off ebay (special edition), I’m kinda gutted that this film wasnt released in theaters because a film this good should be given a lot of credit. Rez Bomb is completely out of my comfort zone when it comes to films but I decided to give it a try as Trent Ford *swoon* stars in it. Boy am I glad I checked it out. Rez Bomb is a love story you can totally get lost in. Set in one of the poorest places in the US, the story tells the tale of Harmony (Tarmara Feldman) and her boyfriend Scott (Trent Ford) who are very much in love but get caught up in a world of trouble when Harmony owes a large amount of money to a dirty old dude called Jaws (Jaws?!!). In attempt to get Harmony off the rez they conduct a plan to get them “set up” only things dont go to plan. The film is a whirlwind of love, thrills and dark comedy and tells us of love thats on the run. Trust me I was on the edge of my seat when Scott goes in search for Harmony. I dont think I’ve been caught up in a film as much as I was with Rez Bomb. At first, when hearing about it, I was a little sceptical to buy it having not much to go on. But my love for Trent Ford took over and I found the DVD in my mail three days later. Rez Bomb is not what I expected. When I saw the trailer I thought it’d be all guns and shooting etc… buts its not. Its a film you cant fully understand until watching it in its entirety. Its ridiculously realistic in a way I didnt think any film could achieve and is just plain, darn, fantastic. I dont think I’ve enjoyed a film this much since The Dark Knight. I gave it a 8 out 10 on IMdb, just because I got confused some of the time – but maybe thats due to my blonde roots? Who knows. Anyway the story is compelling and hooks you straight away, Trent Ford looks totally hot with a capital H and is a gritty and realistic thrill ride. I just wish it was longer.
Want to escape reality? Watch Rez Bomb.

# A little shorter than I hoped but then I am meant to be studying. You just need to know Rez Bomb defines awesome.
That is all.

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48 minute long never before seen interview with Russell Means

There is a never before seen interview that I conducted with Russell Means that makes up part of the 3 hours and 45 mins worth of extra features on the Rez Bomb DVD. The inverview was conducted at Russell’s home on Pine Ridge a few years back and he discusses the origins of his people up to more modern events. What is interesting is that he talks about many other things than the contemporary political, social issues he talks of in his many broadcasts these days and so it is a very interesting new insight into this unique, compelling man who I am fortunate enough to call a good friend.

The list of other extra features at on the DVD pages here.

Do you know of any good American Indian gift stores/retailers and reservation stores?

We are looking to expand the list of retailers carrying Rez Bomb as it has been selling very well through a number of specialist American Indian stores and stores on reservations including video rental stores. The more targeted our marketing has been within these communities the stronger the sales and feedback has been.

So we’d appreciate anyone recommending such stores and retailers to us so we can contact them to see if they’d be interested in carrying the title. It doesn’t have to be somewhere that is already selling DVD’s as some of our best retailers have been reservation stores that we’re the only title they sell. Also gift shops in reservation casino’s also interest us. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The same goes for any online stores you can think of.

The film has sold the most on Pine Ridge itself and is on sale and Lil Angels, Bob’s video and the OLC all in Kyle as well as the Procupine Trading post and the Heritage center shop at Red Cloud school. This is adding to Big Bats where we’ve sold a bundle, and a video store in Martin as well as the Antlers in Rushville, Mr Movies in Chadron and Prairie Edge in Rapid.

just back from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

I’ve just spent a fabulous 2 weeks in South Dakota with the second part spent mostly with my friends on Pine Ridge and this was my first trip back since Rez Bomb has become available on DVD on the reservation and I was taken by surprise about how well it has been doing there. For those of you that have followed my blogs you may recall that back in the summer I did a series of screenings of the movie on Pine Ridge and that they had been really poorly attended as it was difficult to get people into the idea of seeing a movie on the big screen at a fixed place and time. But since then the film started selling on the reservation and it sold really well. So when I was wandering around this time I’d have a few people calling out “hey aren’t you the Rez Bomb guy?” and many were telling me how they loved the movie.

I bumped into a couple of guys who were drinking in their truck one morning and I noticed a copy of the movie sitting on their dash. In a bar in Rushville, just off the Rez a local white girl told me she’d seen it around two dozen times and loved it. There had also been a letter to the editor of the Lakota Country Times complaining that people were incessantly borrowing their copy. It is so gratifying that the film has been such a hit there as it is so important to me that those in the community are happy with the film.

So just before I left I made sure I lined up more retailers around the reservation so now it is also on sale and Lil Angels, Bob’s video and the OLC all in Kyle as well as the Procupine Trading post and the Heritage center shop at Red Cloud school. This is adding to Big Bats where we’ve sold a bundle, and a video store in Martin as well as the Antlers in Rushville, Mr Movies in Chadron and Prairie Edge in Rapid. Some others shall follow. At this rate Rez Bomb will soon be the most owned title on Pine Ridge which makes me very happy indeed as entertaining the community there was a big part of my motivation for filming it there.

Press and Journal newspaper article on Rez Bomb director Steven Lewis Simpson

From Granite City to Tinsel Town

It’s a long way from the leafy streets of Cults to the hills of Hollywood, but it’s a journey worth taking, film-maker Steven Lewis Simpson tells Your Job

Published: 14/08/2009

Film-maker Steven Lewis Simpson. KAMI THOMSON
More Pictures
AT 18, an age when many a young man begins to think about finding his first job, Steven Lewis Simpson was already working as a fully qualified stockbroker, the youngest in Britain.

By 22, he had packed it in and swapped his Aberdeen home for one in Los Angeles, where he hoped to pursue a career in the movies.

It was a gamble which paid off handsomely – Mr Simpson is now an internationally acclaimed film-maker who returned to his home city recently to attend the Aberdeen and Shire Film Festival at the Belmont Cinema, where fans were treated to the first Scottish screening of his nail-biting feature film, The Ticking Man.

There’s no doubt Mr Simpson, 39, a former Cults Academy pupil, has come a long way since he left his home on Abbotshall Road, where he lived with his parents, Norman, a chartered accountant, and Tessa, a career counsellor, writer and clinical hypnotherapist.

But how did a young lad from Cults find himself mixing with the great and good of Hollywood?

Mr Simpson explained: “I had no interest in going to university. By sixth year of school, I was already investing in the markets.

“I’d heard that most financial jobs were never advertised, so I called around local firms and landed a job at what was then one of Aberdeen’s top financial firms, Parsons & Co.”

After sitting his stockbroking exams at the age of 18, the firm discovered there were no other qualified stockbrokers that young in Britain.

Promotions quickly followed and he became an official trader who, to this day, is still qualified to give financial advice by the three main regulatory organisations, IMRO (the banking regulator), LAUTRO and the Stock Exchange.

However, his passion for writing and making films was growing, so at 22, he moved to Los Angeles to work for the legendary Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures.

He returned to the UK in 1993 to shoot Ties, his first feature film, which he wrote, produced, directed, edited and financed through his company, Roaring Fire Films, which has its head office in the Granite City.

It’s clear the film-maker is passionate about what he does, although he says he is surprised so few Scots have ventured out into the global industry.

Mr Simpson said: “When I was starting out, I was ready to jack in my job, fly over the world and work for free to get a break. It’s a huge learning curve, but there’s not been a single day that I’ve thought I couldn’t cut it.”

His latest movie, and first love/drama, Rez Bomb, was shot on location on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, the first universal story to be set on an American Indian reservation.

He said: “It was the hardest experience, and also the most rewarding. The culture and the people face so much discrimination.

“It’s the poorest place in the United States, with an 85% unemployment rate and one of the lowest life expectancies in the world when you take away war and malaria.

“Most people look at the film business and see the fluffy side, but here we helped plant a seed in the process of breaking down barriers.”

One of the key messages Mr Simpson was keen to pass on while meeting fledgling local directors during his visit home is that the international film business is not as far away as they think.

“The great thing about Aberdeen is that it has fostered some very ambitious local film-makers when it comes to the aspirations of their films, but then there seems to be a problem with them going into the industry globally.

“I’d like to encourage more of the local film-makers to become more globally liberated in their thinking.

“My advice is to get out and meet the industry at places like Cannes, as life experience can be character-building and more useful than education.

“People looking to give you a break need to be convinced you are convinced in yourself.

“Whether you want to be a footballer or director, self-belief is the common thread throughout.”

Mr Simpson added: “You have to look cold and hard at yourself if you want to do this job, and if you think you can’t pull it off – get out.”

Click to go to Original article link



There are some great viewer reviews on our forum here

There is also around 3 hours 45 minutes of great extra features including original documentaries. Snapshots of reservation life and small town America. I’m very pleased with it. A bit excessive but I am very keen to share these docs with the films audience as combined with the movie they’ll gain an understanding of a unique part of America that is rarely exposed. (both the Lakota and white communities). I love the whole area very much and hope that all the locals will be excited and proud to see these snaps shots of their life.

The extra features are: Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means (We film a Russian film crew at Russell’s house as well as me filming them filming the filming of one of Russell’s regular video blogs :) and also a snapshot of some of his campaigning)
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk (Arlette who is in the film shows us around her home and chats a bit about her life)
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee (I give some background to the significance of this sacred place to me as well as my history with the reservation)
Pine Ridge drive around (a narrated look around Pine Ridge with some great photography).
Rushville locations tour (I take you on a tour of some locations
Sheridan Livestock Market (11min a tour of a Rushville market by it’s owner Dan)
Sheridan County Players (14 mins some of our supporting actors are members of this theater group who became a major support for us in the film. Some of the performers are amazing)
Ranch Life (17 mins with a wonderful guy Ron Fisher who has a fabulous, clear world view and takes us through the background of his family homesteading in the region)
Trailer (also on Youtube)
Nine minute opening of Scottish version (starring Henry Ian Cusick from Lost)
A great photo gallery
Full directors commentary

All and all it is a package I am very proud of and gives great added value to the purchaser. The shop link is below.
Roaring Fire Films Store

A webcam shoot of full interview with director Steven Lewis Simpson

Here’s the unedited interview I did for a small doc being made about directors from the North East of Scotland. I shot it on my webcam while there were filming. There are two clips.

Don’t know if it’s of interest to anyone but thought I’d chuck it up anyway.



Big Bats on Pine Ridge sells out of Rez Bomb DVD’s in a week

I got a great call this morning from Big Bats the well known store and gas station on Pine Ridge Indian reservation to tell me that they’ve sold out of their sizeable order of DVD’s of our movie Rez Bomb that we shot there in less than a week on the shelves. They’ve doubled their order for more and apparently people there are frustrated that they’ve run out lol. Well I’m very pleased to hear this and more are on the way there. Other retailers are also beginning to stock it.