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Please read these great responses to my blog on Russell Means on Al Jazeera and Thanksgiving(taking)

I received some very powerful comments on some of my blogs from Barbara Rose Calzado that I wanted to share.

to Russell Means on Riz Khan’s show talking about Thanksgiving

Barbara Rose Calzado
December 8th, 2009 at 6:49 pm · Edit
I am a Un-enrolled member of The Oglala Sioux Tribe, My biological parents were killed in separate homocides,but my mother was with Russel at the Alcatraz occupation. My adopted family thought it best to allow me the opportunity to bond with my “Natural” family,I lived there 3 monthes before they threw me away and allowed the Tribe and BIA to “educate” me in the schools. I learned Violence, Crime, Abuse and Abandonment. For 6 years I was locked away in Juvenile Facilities and dropped of at strangers doors, until school started then I was shipped to a small campus in the middle of nowhere with no adult supervision or guidance. We lived for 9 monthes in a volatile battle field, the respective tribes generally stuck together, we had to form gangs for protection. Much like in prison. Gangs are an Urban problem that shouldnt exist on tribal lands but because of the systematic eradication of OUR Language, values and culture they are have to exist, to protect the throw aways like me from the degradation and abuse that is epidemic due to the high rate of Drug and Alcohol addiction. I recind my citizenship, I am a Lakota! I am not a Sioux! If anything Obama and his predecessors are the Siouxians! We need our True Identity restored, I have an application to be enrolled but I think I’ll wait until the Lakota Republic is established. Then I won’t need to be enrolled I can just be! Oh and want to here something hilarious, I receive .73 cents a day that my land is leased for power lines , Telephone lines, Water Lines and grazing land for a grand total of 23.65 annually. I don’t even know where this land is!Thank you very much for posting this interview, My family were Supporters and Participators of the American Indian Movement. I havent seen your Film yet but your site Gets a 7star rating from this lady! Pilaymiya K’ola(Thank You Friend)

& this is her response to my asking for suggestions or renaming thanksgiving.

Barbara Rose Calzado
December 8th, 2009 at 4:43 pm · Edit
I call it Gratitude day, as that was it’s original intent, but instead of saying HAPPY Turkey day to my relatives I say Happy Thursday! They laugh at me but thats all it is to me. A designated thursday where I get to show my appreciation and gratitude that Creator chose to make me Oglala Lakota and Pomo. Genocide is the horrific reality commemorated by a false pretense, the Government is just a big False advertisement. Land of the free home of the brave, indeed we are, I served in the US military because because I wanted to be able to march with the Tokalas at powwows/and in order to defeat the enemy you must understand them. If we could fast forward that first massacre to today I guarantee we would be celebrating a different holiday, and the death marches and massacres would have been initiated by us. But you cannot kill mother nature, that is the one thing that stays beyond mans power. The earth beneath the concrete and skyscrapers is soaked in blood, we cannot ever forget that, one day the entire earth will swallow everything that is not “natural” and we will have our reckoning.



There are some great viewer reviews on our forum here

There is also around 3 hours 45 minutes of great extra features including original documentaries. Snapshots of reservation life and small town America. I’m very pleased with it. A bit excessive but I am very keen to share these docs with the films audience as combined with the movie they’ll gain an understanding of a unique part of America that is rarely exposed. (both the Lakota and white communities). I love the whole area very much and hope that all the locals will be excited and proud to see these snaps shots of their life.

The extra features are: Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means (We film a Russian film crew at Russell’s house as well as me filming them filming the filming of one of Russell’s regular video blogs :) and also a snapshot of some of his campaigning)
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk (Arlette who is in the film shows us around her home and chats a bit about her life)
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee (I give some background to the significance of this sacred place to me as well as my history with the reservation)
Pine Ridge drive around (a narrated look around Pine Ridge with some great photography).
Rushville locations tour (I take you on a tour of some locations
Sheridan Livestock Market (11min a tour of a Rushville market by it’s owner Dan)
Sheridan County Players (14 mins some of our supporting actors are members of this theater group who became a major support for us in the film. Some of the performers are amazing)
Ranch Life (17 mins with a wonderful guy Ron Fisher who has a fabulous, clear world view and takes us through the background of his family homesteading in the region)
Trailer (also on Youtube)
Nine minute opening of Scottish version (starring Henry Ian Cusick from Lost)
A great photo gallery
Full directors commentary

All and all it is a package I am very proud of and gives great added value to the purchaser. The shop link is below.
Roaring Fire Films Store


We are planning on screening Rez Bomb at Billy Mills hall in Pine Ridge village on Monday the 29th on the big screen.

The main screening is at 8pm but we may do additional screenings at 2.30pm and 5.00pm. Tickets are $4.

DVD’s shall also be on sale at the event and shall be discounted by $2 for those holding a ticket for a screening. They can also be purchased at www.rezbomb.com


During the Santa Fe International Film Festival in December there was a wonderful moment in my life when I did the Q&A after the film with one of the films stars and my friend Russell Means. It was great on a number of fronts but firstly it was the first time Russell had seen the film and during the Q&A he said about how surprised he was with the film as I shot the film so quickly with such a tiny crew that he thought it was impossible that something good could be made that way LOL so he was very surprised by the end result and greatly complimented how good that it looked and the quality of the editing that pulls all the different strands of the story seamlessly together.

But he also spoke of how wonderful it was to see a contemporary film with American Indians where they are just people “when do you ever see that?” he said. Where there’s not any alcoholics or old mystics but just ordinary people in a movie’s story who just happen to be Lakota.

For me it was a wonderful part of my personal journey to create a film for a mainstream audience to enjoy but that also pushes the breadth of contemporary set American Indian films and for it to be so embrassed by the American Indian and First Nations audiences.

There certainly are some subtle things in the narrative that only people on a Rez will get but they are very much in the layers and do not detract from anyone’s enjoyment of the exciting story.

The DVD is now available for pre-order now with almost 4 hours of extra features exclusively through the shop on www.rezbomb.com and there is free shipping being offered on those pre-orders.


Well I confess that I may have misrepresented the Rez Bomb DVD a bit as I indicated there would be about 3 hours of extra features. Truth is I’ve got carried away and now have about 3 hours and 45 minutes of extra mini documentaries and the 45 minute never before seen interview with Russell Means as well as a glimpse behind a day with Russell Means during campaigning. That’s assuming we can fit it all in on the disk LOL.

Now these aren’t the usual crappy extra features on most DVD’s, a bunch of actors praising each other and saying how great an experience it was filming in a warehouse in New Jersey or whatever. These are all features about where we filmed on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the small town of Rushville, Nebraska, both places that I love. They give insight into these communities.

I’m very proud of the package we are offering and are worth the price of the DVD in themselves.

We are offering free shipping with pre-orders. To buy go to www.rezbomb.com and click on the shop link. You can view the trailer there also.

Russian’s didn’t believe Soviet propoganda about USA but now realise much is true

I heard an interesting conversation a few months back between a Russian TV journalist and legendary Civil Rights activist Russell Means. The journalist said that they never believed what the Soviets had said about the USA and about how badly the native people were treated there but now almost 20 years on they realize that it is true. And indeed they discovered while touring Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for a documentary they were shooting they discovered conditions worse than they ever imagined. Bear in mind that the average age for men their is lower than any nation on earth if you remove Aids, Malaria and war from the stats and they have an average per capita income a fraction of Namibia’s. Was a fascinating thing to hear.