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HELP – Embed Rez Bomb Trailer

We’re trying to get the word out about Rez Bomb as widely as possible as if it is successful it might encourage more people in the film world to make universal stories in Indian Country. If we can generate enough revenue from it then we’ll go into production on a drama series on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where most of the budget will be in inward development.

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Jeremy Gilley is an actor and director who I met in 1994 when a short film he had made played with my first feature film Ties at the Edinburgh Film Festival. My has that boy done good. Visit his website and learn about how this one guy had a dream to create a world peace day and how he succeeded in getting a UN resolution passed backing it and even the Taliban supported a ceasefire on the day itself. Pure inspiration.


This is democracy, Two wolves and a sheep have a vote over what to have for dinner.

Russian’s didn’t believe Soviet propoganda about USA but now realise much is true

I heard an interesting conversation a few months back between a Russian TV journalist and legendary Civil Rights activist Russell Means. The journalist said that they never believed what the Soviets had said about the USA and about how badly the native people were treated there but now almost 20 years on they realize that it is true. And indeed they discovered while touring Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for a documentary they were shooting they discovered conditions worse than they ever imagined. Bear in mind that the average age for men their is lower than any nation on earth if you remove Aids, Malaria and war from the stats and they have an average per capita income a fraction of Namibia’s. Was a fascinating thing to hear.

Money, Greed and God

I’m just listening to a guy talking about  a book Money, Greed and God and he’s referring to the famous greed is good speech in the movie Wall Street. It’s interesting how limited I feel the thinking is in the arguments. In a strange way I do believe greed is good but in a three dimensional way not the way that their patriarchal mindset breaks in to.

To me in life giving of yourself is the way to gain the most, whether it is creatively giving to the world or being of support to friends or impacting society through positive endeavor. If we gain the most in life through the results of the energetic exchange of that giving then the more we consciously give of ourselves then we are being as greedy as possible as we shall achieve the greatest gain. 

I’m making a silly argument in a sense but my point is that we view things too much in a two dimensional patriarchal way. Our laws are about a right and wrong more than justice and balance based on any natural laws and humanity.  We get caught up too much in the material rather than the energetic.


The plan is to go to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation & Rushville, Nebraska where we shot Rez Bomb in a few weeks time and and tour the film commercially around halls and other venues we can book with a mobile projection system. The big question is what size of audience can we drum up and what will be the right price to charge to get an audience in and that will also cover our costs. Would be a great trip though. If it goes ahead then hopefully we’ll be able to upload new content that we shoot on the tour.



You know when it comes to the history of racism in America the more I hear the more it blows my mind and the more it disgusts me how little people discuss the breadth of it beyond the black and white thing.

Within that is how little people know about the racism towards the Chinese. The fact the for 65 years they were the only race banned from emigrating to the USA. The fact that people enacted massacres on groups of them without being sent to jail the list goes on and on. The fact that half of the women in Chinatown in San Francisco were prostitutes in part because men unless merchants were banned from bringing their wives into the country. Read early versions of the constitution of California and much is detailed in black and white. It is a great tribute to the strength of Chinese identity and culture that their is not a great scar evident today in the community drawn from this combined experience. Many of these laws were in place till 1943 and only changed then because of the second world war and China being allies.

Also until the early sixties there was legislation in Los Angeles that prevented certain races living in most areas, this was to enforce segregation though this mostly affected the black community.

I won’t get started about the treatment of the American Indian as I’ll be here all day.

I had a little gathering of a few friends in LA a few years back. About 14 people and I was the only one in the room who would have been given a fair deal in this country a hundred years before. It was a mix of women, non-white, gay, Irish and one white guy who was of a working class background. So much for the American myth.


Indigenous Image Awards

When I first was contacted by the Indigenous Image Awards to submit our feature film Rez Bomb for potential nomination I was excited to see what seemed an exciting new development of people within indigenous communities celebrating those taking charge of their own advancement and promotion in the entertainment industry that is so heavily prejudice towards these communities when it comes to giving them a fair shake of the stick.  Also I was excited that my supporting cast from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation might have a chance of being honored, particularly Russell Means who has a formidable presence in his supporting role in our film.

But I was very disappointed when the organizers of the awards notified me that they wanted $50 for every person submitted to the awards. To me this is truly extraordinary as for any awards to have any validity they need to be a true meritocracy where the best of the best in peer groups run next to each other. Because of this I refused to submit our film or any of the cast on principle. 

So it was to my great surprise to see that Rez Bomb was nominated in the best film category.  I am most concerned that either the organizers never even saw the film before nomination since I refused to send them through a copy or they managed to get a copy that was not distributed for that purpose. The film is being released in a month or so and the only way people can see the film is via illegal download unless they have managed to finagle a copy from the office of a film festival or suchlike. What concerns me also about this is that although I’m happy the film is nominated anywhere it means nothing if the jury can’t even see the film since I did not submit it.

But also because the film is nominated it makes it look like the rest of the cast would have also been in contention and their lack of a nomination is a reflection of their work. The reality is however that they were not even in contention because I refused to pay money for the privilege.

Imagine if the winner of the Oscars won because say Daniel Day Lewis’s agent refused to pay a fee for him to be in contention as well. Nobody would take it seriously.

As I said at the beginning it is great to see endeavors like these awards popping up but for me this time around they have really shot themselves in the foot as they have pushed away very credible film makers like myself from their process rather than gaining our support and encouragement.

I wish congratulate all the winners and certainly there is some great work represented. But if they were told that a chunk of their potential competition were barred from the competition due to not paying for the privilege I’m sure it would take a great deal of gloss of the glory and that is not fair.

Anyway we’re preparing the DVD and a wealth of original extra features (new documentaries etc) to be released on the 25th if May. Anyone who wants on the mailing list for the release can email

Visit for more information.



It is interesting as I’ve been putting Rez Bomb out into the world that some of the gatekeepers have actually been having issue with the fact that the film is potentially the first universal story ever set on an Indian reservation as they often express that the film is not “culturally sensitive enough”.  Bullshit to that I say.  The moment you want all the films and stories from a particular community to fit into a certain box even if its a well meaning cultural one then you are creating an Apartheid situation. We are failing progressing into a world of equality until all stories are being set anywhere a storyteller chooses for them regardless of context.

Besides the truth is and the cultural gatekeepers always fail to note this, is that if you live in a shitty environment whether in the projects of Chicago, the Favela’s of Rio, a housing estate in Glasgow or a reservation in the USA you don’t want to watch films about your own life and how shitty it is, you want to be entertained and taken out of that world while being able to relate to characters that reflect you and those you relate to.  Poor people don’t want to watch Ken Loach movies as they are for middle-class intellectuals. Those communities want comedies and dramas and action and adventure.

The gatekeepers who have been the biggest stumbling block for us so far have been ones in the American Indian film festival circuit even though Rez Bomb has played in far more major festivals than the majority of films they show. The irony is that the American Indian/First Nations audiences that have seen it have had the greatest response to the film and it has been very moving to hear their words of support and thanks for the film.

Those gatekeepers need to watch Sullivan’s Travels to set them straight on this.

Got that off my chest.