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Well I guess I’ve got to pull my finger out and get into this blogging routine .

Rez Bomb had its European Premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival last week and it went down really well despite a couple of technical problems with the cinema. One online reviewer had it as his film of the festival. It was like there were three different tiers to the audience for me. The general audience, who seemed to respond well, the audience who had a deeper interest including ones knowledgeable about reservation life as well as those with relatable experiences (eg. a Syrian Kurd who could relate to the oppression of the Lakota and was deeply moved by the film) and then there were some other directors in the audience. They all responded well to the film but were even more impressed when they heard how small the production was and how quickly it was shot. The directors included Steven Morrison (Frog) David Mackenzie (Hallam For, Young Adam etc) and David Baker.

Not long before was the Victoria BC Film Fest. and the reaction was great there particularly from the First Nations audience who got a lot of the subtlties in the film. One chap who was doing the Q&A with me spoke to the audience about how he’d had some of the exact conversations in the film with people before.

The highlight of the recent festivals though was Santa Fe, and not just because a woman told me she’d driven two hours just to see the film but because it was the first time Russell Means had seen the film and we did a Q&A together that was a lot of fun. Russell spoke of his pride in being in a film that showed contemporary Indians and where none are alchoholics o (or old guys with all the answers) but just people in a universal story. He was also shocked at how good the film looked bearing in mind the production was so tiny. It was a great moment for me.

Next is Bermuda in late March. It’s a hard life.

Video of Rez Bomb Director Steven Lewis Simpson giving a talk at the Anahuac University in Cancun Mexico

Here’s video of my recent talk to film and media students at the Anahuac university in Cancun after they watched a screening of Rez Bomb.

ANAHUAC UNIVERSITY ONE from Steve Simpson on Vimeo.

ANAHUAC UNIVERSITY TWO from Steve Simpson on Vimeo.


hi this is my first blog on the Rez Bomb site and I’d like to thank you for visiting.

I’m nearing the end of the extraordinary and challenging journey that was the making of Rez Bomb and now I’m entering a whole new phase, sending it out into the world and seeing how it flies. It’s strange when a film is done and out there as no matter what ones expectations and views are we never truly have much of a clue about how a film is received until it is out.

And if one makes any work bold enough then there will always be a wide range of views. With Rez Bomb I expect there will be a lot of support as well as negative views about it. Over time I’ll add more thoughts here and hopefully we’ll find out together how it all pans out.



(maker of Rez Bomb)

Have I come up with the best term for indigenous of Americas instead of American Indians,Native Americans,First Nations etc?

So in Canada they keep changing it. Currently Aboriginal is the preferred term, First Nations the other. In the US coasts where they look to be P.C. it’s Native American (which folks like Russell Means finds ridiculous since anyone born in the US is Native) and in Indian Country American Indian is the preferred collective term. Obviously this applies to collective terms as opposed to referring to particular peoples by their nations name.

But I forward a new solution. Since we have African Americans and Asian Americans and we should thus use European Americans… should the preferred collective term for the indigenous of the Americas not be American Americans? 🙂