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There are some great viewer reviews on our forum here

There is also around 3 hours 45 minutes of great extra features including original documentaries. Snapshots of reservation life and small town America. I’m very pleased with it. A bit excessive but I am very keen to share these docs with the films audience as combined with the movie they’ll gain an understanding of a unique part of America that is rarely exposed. (both the Lakota and white communities). I love the whole area very much and hope that all the locals will be excited and proud to see these snaps shots of their life.

The extra features are: Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means (We film a Russian film crew at Russell’s house as well as me filming them filming the filming of one of Russell’s regular video blogs :) and also a snapshot of some of his campaigning)
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk (Arlette who is in the film shows us around her home and chats a bit about her life)
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee (I give some background to the significance of this sacred place to me as well as my history with the reservation)
Pine Ridge drive around (a narrated look around Pine Ridge with some great photography).
Rushville locations tour (I take you on a tour of some locations
Sheridan Livestock Market (11min a tour of a Rushville market by it’s owner Dan)
Sheridan County Players (14 mins some of our supporting actors are members of this theater group who became a major support for us in the film. Some of the performers are amazing)
Ranch Life (17 mins with a wonderful guy Ron Fisher who has a fabulous, clear world view and takes us through the background of his family homesteading in the region)
Trailer (also on Youtube)
Nine minute opening of Scottish version (starring Henry Ian Cusick from Lost)
A great photo gallery
Full directors commentary

All and all it is a package I am very proud of and gives great added value to the purchaser. The shop link is below.
Roaring Fire Films Store


Well I always knew Rez Bomb would appeal strongly to both men and women but an extraordinary 90% of orders so far are from women. Now this makes me curious as to why? Are women smarter (well of course) and that makes them happy to take up the free shipping for pre-orders? Or just more decisive when it comes to the retail experience? (few would argue that point) Or is it that they know how hot our Trent Ford is? Well that might explain where the 10% of male orders came from :) ? But then our Tamara Feldman is also stunning to look at (not that these things should be important in a substantive story like ours but it does help in a good love story if you fancy the protagonists). Or are guys reading it too much as being a love story? But then there is a strong thriller aspect. The trailer proves it is far from a sappy romantic story. Well I guess I shall just have to ponder this but I am overjoyed to have such strong female support for the film that for once you have really strong women characters on screen. Though Lakota women in general are very strong indeed and are absolutely the engine that makes the reservation the film is set on function. Considering the average life expectancy for men on Pine Ridge is mid 40’s the burden on the women is greater than usual.

Anyway thank you all who have ordered so far. I hope you’ll love the film certainly we’ve had amazing feedback from those that have seen it so far.

For all others go to the rezbomb.com shop to order or click here Roaring Fire Films Store