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Who are we forgetting in our fight for human rights? Stand up for Two Spirit people.

So if you’re reading this then hopefully you’re someone interested in civil and human rights. But the question often is do we fight for those of all that are persecuted? I spend much of my time trying to educate people to the on-going and ignored oppression and suppression of American Indians as it seems many civil rights groups fail to ignore those that experience the greatest racial prejudice within the US system. But beyond that we ignore many others. Did you ever think of Transgender rights as something to get involved in? Perhaps because you have no friends that you know of that are affected by this it doesn’t gather your attention. But here is another part of our world community that is mostly ignored while undergoing horrific oppression in many areas of the world and suppression in every corner of the world through ignorance and thus in my view in most need of our support to the goal of extinguishing the destructive ignorance that is prejudice.

Many of you will have come to this page with American Indian backgrounds or connections. Historically Transgender people were revered within your cultures and there is a strong movement “Two Spirits” trying to revive this knowledge. It is a proud heritage of communities and cultures that saw us all an equal part of nature.

Anyway here is a clip of a friend speaking of these issues. And you can go to the website of a terrific documentary Two Spirits here http://twospirits.org/