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Rez Bomb Standard Edition DVD now released from $12.50

We have newly released the Standard Edition Rez Bomb DVD for the introductory price of $15.00 with FREE SHIPPING for this introductory period if bought from us directly. It includes directors commentary and Trailers.

Also for those who are not fans of packaging (I am one) we are offering a version which is the same disk but just in a plastic sleeve (Netflix style) and without the large plastic case and sleeve art. This we are discounting to $12.50 with free shipping as it is cheaper for us to produce and ship and we want to offer these savings direct to you. The Special Edition with its almost four hours of extra features is still available also. They are also available from Amazon and other selected retailers.

The link to buy is in the right corner of this page.

Montage of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Here’s a small video that makes up one of the almost four hours worth of extra features on the Special Edition of the Rez Bomb DVD. It’s a montage of the Rez narrated by the films director and just gives some background to the reservation.

The full extra features are: Directors commentary
extra documentaries
Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee
Pine Ridge locations tour
Rushville locations tour
Sheridan Livestock Market
Sheridan County Players
Ranch Life
Nine minute opening of Scottish version

Do you know of any good American Indian gift stores/retailers and reservation stores?

We are looking to expand the list of retailers carrying Rez Bomb as it has been selling very well through a number of specialist American Indian stores and stores on reservations including video rental stores. The more targeted our marketing has been within these communities the stronger the sales and feedback has been.

So we’d appreciate anyone recommending such stores and retailers to us so we can contact them to see if they’d be interested in carrying the title. It doesn’t have to be somewhere that is already selling DVD’s as some of our best retailers have been reservation stores that we’re the only title they sell. Also gift shops in reservation casino’s also interest us. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The same goes for any online stores you can think of.

The film has sold the most on Pine Ridge itself and is on sale and Lil Angels, Bob’s video and the OLC all in Kyle as well as the Procupine Trading post and the Heritage center shop at Red Cloud school. This is adding to Big Bats where we’ve sold a bundle, and a video store in Martin as well as the Antlers in Rushville, Mr Movies in Chadron and Prairie Edge in Rapid.

just back from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

I’ve just spent a fabulous 2 weeks in South Dakota with the second part spent mostly with my friends on Pine Ridge and this was my first trip back since Rez Bomb has become available on DVD on the reservation and I was taken by surprise about how well it has been doing there. For those of you that have followed my blogs you may recall that back in the summer I did a series of screenings of the movie on Pine Ridge and that they had been really poorly attended as it was difficult to get people into the idea of seeing a movie on the big screen at a fixed place and time. But since then the film started selling on the reservation and it sold really well. So when I was wandering around this time I’d have a few people calling out “hey aren’t you the Rez Bomb guy?” and many were telling me how they loved the movie.

I bumped into a couple of guys who were drinking in their truck one morning and I noticed a copy of the movie sitting on their dash. In a bar in Rushville, just off the Rez a local white girl told me she’d seen it around two dozen times and loved it. There had also been a letter to the editor of the Lakota Country Times complaining that people were incessantly borrowing their copy. It is so gratifying that the film has been such a hit there as it is so important to me that those in the community are happy with the film.

So just before I left I made sure I lined up more retailers around the reservation so now it is also on sale and Lil Angels, Bob’s video and the OLC all in Kyle as well as the Procupine Trading post and the Heritage center shop at Red Cloud school. This is adding to Big Bats where we’ve sold a bundle, and a video store in Martin as well as the Antlers in Rushville, Mr Movies in Chadron and Prairie Edge in Rapid. Some others shall follow. At this rate Rez Bomb will soon be the most owned title on Pine Ridge which makes me very happy indeed as entertaining the community there was a big part of my motivation for filming it there.

Big Bats on Pine Ridge sells out of Rez Bomb DVD’s in a week

I got a great call this morning from Big Bats the well known store and gas station on Pine Ridge Indian reservation to tell me that they’ve sold out of their sizeable order of DVD’s of our movie Rez Bomb that we shot there in less than a week on the shelves. They’ve doubled their order for more and apparently people there are frustrated that they’ve run out lol. Well I’m very pleased to hear this and more are on the way there. Other retailers are also beginning to stock it.


Well I’ve got the rental car gassed up and ready to go and on Monday I pick up the DVD’s of the movie and then I head from LA to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation about 1400 miles away to introduce the film formally to the folks there and Rushville where the film was set and shot. By the time I’ve gotten there I should have a projection system set up and then work it out from there and hope the community responds in setting up screenings all around the rez of the film.

Anyone in the area give us a shout where you think we should be playing it.

Also today is the last day for free shipping so click on the buy DVD link at the side. The DVD’s start shipping tomorrow. Yippeeeee


Sent the DVD off to the manufacturer this morning after checking the disk last night. Took around four hours as there are so many additional documentaries in the extra features. Snapshots of reservation life and small town America. I’m very pleased with it. A bit excessive but I am very keen to share these docs with the films audience as combined with the movie they’ll gain an understanding of a unique part of America that is rarely exposed. (both the Lakota and white communities). I love the whole area very much and hope that all the locals will be excited and proud to see these snaps shots of their life.

Worked 25 hours straight yesterday and two 20 hours days before that getting it ready.

The extra features are: Russell Means interview 48mins
Snapshot: A day in the life of Russell Means (We film a Russian film crew at Russell’s house as well as me filming them filming the filming of one of Russell’s regular video blogs :) and also a snapshot of some of his campaigning)
At home with Arlette Loud Hawk (Arlette who is in the film shows us around her home and chats a bit about her life)
Director Steven Lewis Simpson at Wounded Knee (I give some background to the significance of this sacred place to me as well as my history with the reservation)
Pine Ridge drive around (a narrated look around Pine Ridge with some great photography).
Rushville locations tour (I take you on a tour of some locations
Sheridan Livestock Market (11min a tour of a Rushville market by it’s owner Dan)
Sheridan County Players (14 mins some of our supporting actors are members of this theater group who became a major support for us in the film. Some of the performers are amazing)
Ranch Life (17 mins with a wonderful guy Ron Fisher who has a fabulous, clear world view and takes us through the background of his family homesteading in the region)
Trailer (also on Youtube)
Nine minute opening of Scottish version (starring Henry Ian Cusick from Lost)
A great photo gallery
Full directors commentary

And what we don’t have is any crap on set love in’s of actors saying how wonderful we all were (although we were) or the usual extra feature bullshit, this is all good original never before seen material (other than the trailer)

Anyway less than two weeks to the street date and still time to place the order at the pre-order sale price combined with the pre-order free shipping (for US). The shop link is below.
Roaring Fire Films Store


Well I confess that I may have misrepresented the Rez Bomb DVD a bit as I indicated there would be about 3 hours of extra features. Truth is I’ve got carried away and now have about 3 hours and 45 minutes of extra mini documentaries and the 45 minute never before seen interview with Russell Means as well as a glimpse behind a day with Russell Means during campaigning. That’s assuming we can fit it all in on the disk LOL.

Now these aren’t the usual crappy extra features on most DVD’s, a bunch of actors praising each other and saying how great an experience it was filming in a warehouse in New Jersey or whatever. These are all features about where we filmed on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the small town of Rushville, Nebraska, both places that I love. They give insight into these communities.

I’m very proud of the package we are offering and are worth the price of the DVD in themselves.

We are offering free shipping with pre-orders. To buy go to www.rezbomb.com and click on the shop link. You can view the trailer there also.


We have now set up our store to start taking pre-orders on the Special Edition of Rez Bomb which has a current anticipated street date of the 15th of June though if our manufacturers turn it over more quickly then we shall ship it sooner. As a promotion we are offering free shipping in the US to those who preorder this week. The payment method is simple through Paypal for those with accounts or credit cards.

The link to the product is: SHOP 

We have taken care in producing a terrific package beyond the film and includes over 3 hours of extra features including documentaries, commentary and an exclusive 45 minute Russell Means interview.

Also please join us on our social networking sites below and please pass the word about the film. The film industry has no interest in setting films in Indian Country and so it’s going to take a grass roots marketing effort to prove them wrong.

View the trailer at www.rezbomb.com

Many thanks

Roaring Fire Films


PS Feel free to email us with any questions