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Assault Rifle Carriers at Obama Rally CNN report

This is not crazy that people can freely carry assault weapons in the USA. This is bad enough but in the close vicinity with firearms to the President?

In 1975 Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme went to prison for attempting to fire a pistol with no bullet in the chamber a President Ford in California. She spent 25 years in jail. But if that was in Arizona and the fact she did not discharge the weapon would that have been deemed acceptable if the weapon had not been concealed? Do people not think this is insane and a gross abuse of the law apart from anything else?

I saw a short documentary last night about a gun range in a state with loose gun laws when tens of thousands of people turn up to a gun festival to fire anything up to a tank and flamethrowers etc and is a celebration of lets blow the hell out of something. When I see things like that I can understand how enough of the US population can find was acceptable enough that you end up with the situation where the US military have killed more foreign nationals than any nation since the second world war even though no nation has attacked US soil. This gun toting behavior is not normal and society should be strong enough to say no to this behavior.

Also it is a very crude way that Obama protesters can divert news attention away from the support being offered the president and healthcare reform at the event and makes everyone talk about this issue as well as the Obama opposition.

Here’s a simple truth. Gun control works. In Scotland 14 years ago a man with legal pistols went into a school and murdered young school kids. For the UK a very rare instance to begin with. From then all firearms were banned other than shotguns as farmers use them mainly. Since then we have had no such incident. You get the occasional gun related shooting between gangs but that is so low that other than some mobile armed police units our police still don’t have to carry guns. No-one fears gun totting criminals breaking into our houses in the UK. That’s so rare you’re better off fearing the bogeyman.