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Here are some great Marlon Brando clips relating to American Indian Affairs.

There’s a lot of BS Hollywood superficial activism out there but others that are deeply committed and with Indian Affairs Marlon Brando was the the real deal when it came to his commitment to the cause. My friend Russell Means spoke highly of Brando’s support and friendship through tough times.

Here are some great clips that show this. The edited version from the Dick Cavett show delves into this though the latter part of the full interview Brando was joined by some tribal leaders to talk about Indian Affairs in Prime Time. Never seen anyone else leverage their fame in such a way.

The second clip is my favorite (no video just audio) as it is just a very intelligent conversation and it is clear Brando knows his stuff. The third clip is the most famous of course. The Oscars. Wounded Knee 73 was on during time time and Russell talked of the enormous boost people felt in the siege watching this on TV within Wounded Knee. At the end of the day the media interest in the occupation is what kept it arguably from becoming much more violent from the government side. The Oscars speech contributed greatly to that attention at the time. Enjoy.