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Burning children alive with Naplam and John McCain

You know after I had the privilege of meeting Nick Ut the photographer who took the history changing Vietnam footage of the girl burned by Napalm I started to think that if John McCain was not in prison through most of the war then as a pilot there is a good chance that he would have been ordered to pilot one of these Napalm bombing missions and it would be out of character for him to refuse on principle.

Extraordinary then to think that we may have been close to having seen a president of the USA who probably would have dropped fire onto children (and every other living thing) and incinerated them alive if ordered to.

I heard a US diplomat recently talk about how Gitmo and Abu Grahip had ruined the US’s credibility when talking to the likes of China and Cuba about human rights as they immediately bring it up and say you have no moral authority to go there. But with the historical use of Naplam and continued use of cluster bombs that almost the whole world has banned I don’t understand how the US could pretend to have any moral authority before these recent abuses.

After all lets not forget no country has killed more foreign nationals since WW2 than the USA even though there has only been one unprovoked military attack from a sovereign nation in that time where US servicemen were killed and that was from Israel (see previous post).


I find it so interesting to hear the line coming out of the Republican Party and beyond about Obama not speaking out enough in support of the protesters in Iran. John McCain himself was very vocal about this point. It is this naive thinking that has led to the USA screwing up so much of the world as they avoid empathizing with those in the other countries. What Obama is doing is just about perfect. The USA needs to keep quiet through this time.

The more the US supports the demonstrators the more they empower the Iranian administration to clamp down on those protesters and will give them more support from the population who do not support the protests as they shall see the USA as trying to stir up a new revolution. The more internal the demontrations are the more likely the military are to not support a violent clamp down.

When John McCain opened his mouth on this issue it showed his stupidity and make me so grateful he lost. If he describes himself as a student of history he deserves an F. US interferrance has ALWAYS inflamed a situation not helped. Reagan saying “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall” did not lead to the tearing down the Berlin Wall it was just political bluster as Gorbachev was already of the mind to bring on all this change. These opportunist politicians need to grow up as peoples lives are at stake.