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Johnny Depp and the Dialogue within Indian Country

It seems to me that Johnny Depp’s name is being invoked regularly by various people in relations to Indian Country and I am curious to see how much traffic it draws as opposed to dialogues about the many pressing major issues in Indian Country as well as dialogues about the amazing things going on in Indian Country by it’s best and brightest. I guess I’ll see in a few days about how the traffic to this post compares with my others. I’ll keep you posted but also a lot of those commentators obsessing about Depp for months in some respect are continuing to validate that sad old state of affairs which is what those outside Indian Country are doing in relation to Indian Country is what gets the attention.

If these commentators were spending the same time highlighting the work of Ryan Red Corn, the 1491’s, Steven Paul Judd, Virgil Ortiz etc etc etc, they’d be helping them all take their profiles to new levels as well as sharing their inspirational work with a community that needs these role models to inspire youth.

My feeling is that Depp is as worthy of conversation as anything else but it’s become so disproportionate in the dialogues from some that it takes away from their credibility in terms of focusing on the more serious issues of the day.

The lack of support for the positive within Indian Country is highlighted in my previous blog http://rezbomb.com/blog/?p=714

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Do People Really Not Want to see the Happier More Successful Side of Indian Country?

Indian Country is many many things, many people’s, nations, environments. Some very rich and some very poor. I have been fortunate to spend time with many people from many Nations within Indian Country. The diversity is immense but the one thing that is most consistent and that is the humor.

Yet it is interesting to me that with the work that I have out there, the most positive DVD release, The Hub, with 13 episodes where 3 presenters from Indian Country visit with the best in the arts and entertainment scene from those many nations, has been by far my least successful release to date. It is a fun, fun show and gets a great reception from those I’ve spoken to who have watched it. For years I’d had people practically screaming to see something made celebrating Indian Countries many successes not just showing the hardships in many areas. And yet The Hub has sold a miniscule amount on DVD in the 3 months it has been out.

Compared to my movie Rez Bomb which is a dark love story/Thriller and my in depth documentary A Thunder-Being Nation made over 13 years about Pine Ridge about it’s past and present, The Hub is incredibly upbeat, vibrant and inspirational. I am just mystified that people aren’t clamouring for it. Especially as we have an all star group of people in the episodes.

Maybe the sad truth is that people are gravitating more to the harsher reality rather than celebrating those that are most actively going out and trying to create a paradigm shift for Indian Country. These individuals need support and encouragement as they are pathfinders. Also this show can inspire youth in Indian Country to see great new possibilities through being inspired by our guests.

In 3 months I’ve sold less DVD’s online than there are guests in the show. There is no point complaining about lack of positive shows being made if you don’t support them when they are made. With more audience support we could make season after season but as it stands the show will end with season one which would be sad as it would just get better and better.

Help get the word out please so a wider audience can get beyond the stereotypes and see the real diversity and talent from Indian Country.

More info on the series is available through the link at the top of the page.

our DVD’s are available at amazon or www.inyoentertainment.com where you can save 15% using the coupon code Blog15 to save 15% or Blog20 to save 20% when spending $60 or more.

Have I come up with the best term for indigenous of Americas instead of American Indians,Native Americans,First Nations etc?

So in Canada they keep changing it. Currently Aboriginal is the preferred term, First Nations the other. In the US coasts where they look to be P.C. it’s Native American (which folks like Russell Means finds ridiculous since anyone born in the US is Native) and in Indian Country American Indian is the preferred collective term. Obviously this applies to collective terms as opposed to referring to particular peoples by their nations name.

But I forward a new solution. Since we have African Americans and Asian Americans and we should thus use European Americans… should the preferred collective term for the indigenous of the Americas not be American Americans? :)