July 2021

Here’s a video response to Diane Sawyers 20 20 Children of the Plains from youth on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Native Foster Care Lost Children, Shattered Families Focus on South Dakota & Lakota kids

This is a recent broadcast from NPR… makes interesting listening

A day I wish I was on Pine Ridge Rez for sure. Thorpes basketball celebration video

Just saw this for the first time, bit out of date but how I wish I was there to see the bus pull in to Pine Ridge, seen lots of solemn gatherings on the Rez, so to see such a celebration with friends there would have been so cool.


The Leonard Peltier Story – On Russia Today

The Peltier side of this report starts about 2 mins 30 seconds in. Russia Today cover Indian Country stories more than about anyone.

Just back from another trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (from director of Rez Bomb)

I got back the other day from another fabulous three weeks in and around Pine Ridge. The highlight definitely was being Fire Keeper at Russell Means’s Sun Dance in Wind Cave in the Black Hills. It was an incredible honour to watch close up the dedication, courage and dignity the Sun Dancers held throughout the […]

Keith Olbermann plea to support disaster aid to Indian reservations

I never had much of a view on Keith Olbermann some comments I like some I thought were overblown. Now I am a big fan for being a rare thing in journalism, someone who woke up for at least a few seconds to the plight of those in extreme hardship in Indian Country today. Lots […]

48 minute long never before seen interview with Russell Means

There is a never before seen interview that I conducted with Russell Means that makes up part of the 3 hours and 45 mins worth of extra features on the Rez Bomb DVD. The inverview was conducted at Russell’s home on Pine Ridge a few years back and he discusses the origins of his people […]

just back from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

I’ve just spent a fabulous 2 weeks in South Dakota with the second part spent mostly with my friends on Pine Ridge and this was my first trip back since Rez Bomb has become available on DVD on the reservation and I was taken by surprise about how well it has been doing there. For […]


There are some great viewer reviews on our forum here

There is also around 3 hours 45 minutes of great extra features including original documentaries. Snapshots of reservation life and small town America. I’m very pleased with it. A bit excessive but I am very keen to share these docs with the films audience […]

Big Bats on Pine Ridge sells out of Rez Bomb DVD’s in a week

I got a great call this morning from Big Bats the well known store and gas station on Pine Ridge Indian reservation to tell me that they’ve sold out of their sizeable order of DVD’s of our movie Rez Bomb that we shot there in less than a week on the shelves. They’ve doubled their […]