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Obama: Police who arrested professor ‘acted stupidly’

Every time an incident like this happens the cops in question should be investigated in every last detail in their conduct and if as dubious as it looks then they should have their past cases investigated immediately after they are kicked out the door. The repercussions throughout society of racism in the police force is so great that we cannot and must not keep washing over these incidents as one day it is a stupid arrest and another day it could be someone being shot for having a wallet mistaken for a gun.


How many incidents like these have we see over the last few weeks and why is the country not furious about it? Always a white cop, always a black guy or kid – though they’re not the only ones being abused, if it was an American Indian being abused by a cop (as they are frequently) it would not even make the news. Repost this as we need everyone to see this and not all forget it and hope that the cop goes to jail as if the police are not held up to a high standard in society then how can we claim to have a society worth living in?


The sad death of actor David Carradine has reminded me of the story about how he because a major star in his most iconic role in smash hit 70’s TV series Kung Fu. The series was in fact developed for Bruce Lee and considering it’s content that makes complete sense but the studio would not cast an Asian even though it was an Asian role so they came up with the crazy premise where a Caucasian child studied in the Shaolin Temple. Carradine did not even know martial arts hence why the fight scenes were all shot in slow motion.

Can you imagine how sensational that show would have been with the greatest on screen martial artist we have ever seen? Ironically Bruce Lee smashed down that racial barrier as in the two subsequent years he became the biggest star in all of Asia and through Enter the Dragon was getting offers as big as anyone in Hollywood at the time of his death. I argue that he turned around a racial barrier in film quicker than any actor in Hollywood history.