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You know Jamie Foxx’s statement the other night about Michael Jackson “We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us, and we shared him with everyone else.” really pissed me off because of its absolute stupidity. The Beatles belonged to the white British but they decided to share them with the world would be an equally dumb statement.

Isn’t it about time we all got passed being so color centric? Then Al Sharpton opens his mouth about how Michael Jackson paved the way for other black Americans like Oprah, Obama and Tiger Woods. Well for starters Tiger Woods is 25% of African origin (not that it matters) and is 50% Asian. So technically he is more Asian American than African so did Bruce Lee (who was born in the USA by the way) pave the way for Tiger Woods? Of course not. Every which way it is a dumb statement.

Not that people haven’t been pathfinders and broken down racial barriers like Bruce Lee who broke down a huge racial barrier for Asians in Hollywood. Muhammad Ali redefined the barriers globally too. And the African American community laying claim to Obama is an odd one to since he is so clearly a remarkable individual creation of an African father and white mother and brought up by a white family and in part an Indonesian step father. The majority of his upbringing was far removed from an African Amercian cultural experience. Not that it should matter.

The irony is that Obama’s father was African and not African American and if in America today he would probably find that the shit he would get in the US today would be from African Americans and not any other race. It is not something you ever hear discussed but I have regularly heard from African friends and my sensational ex. gf. who is African that the only people they ever get racially hassled by is African Americans. Apparently it is always black cops pulling over wealthy Africans in Washington DC for example. I have a friend living in LA who is black and from Manchester, England who told me the only people she gets attitude from are African Americans who react like “who do you think you are?” because she has an English accent like she is some sell out phoney.

It seems sad and absurd that communities are so trying to appropriate individuals and define them by their skin color. If I had a child with my last love then that child would have been as black as Obama and twice that of Tiger Woods. Not that it should ever matter. I wouldn’t want that child to be appropriated by the white community the black community the Scottish community the Ethiopian community or whatever country the child was born in. I’d want to word to look at that child as a human being like the rest of us. A human like Michael Jackson, or Bruce Lee or Ali or Crazy Horse or John Lennon or whoever.

Jamie Foxx’s comment pissed me off because it was plain dumb and the majority of people hearing it know it. I watched Chris Rock in a televised concert last night and his brilliance and enlightenment is light years ahead in evolution than that of Foxx. It feels like there are so many commentators on society these days (and even I am pitching in now) and yet so few have the extraordinary way or breaking down their absurdities they way that Chris Rock does. That man just gets it and it goes so far beyond humor. Though it is interesting how Jamie Foxx makes a dumb comment and its on the news for analysis and yet Chris Rock reels off endless provocative insights into a dozen hot button issues of the day and nobody brings it up in the media. Intelligent discussion in beyond the realm of the media but sensationalism is its bread and butter.

Oh and Chris Rock is about the only one who puts things in perspective by talking about the fact that in the pecking order about the racial shit people go through that the American Indian gets the worst deal.

Do yourself a favour and go onto youtube for a bit and hopefully there’s a lot of Chris Rock’s routines there


You know when it comes to the history of racism in America the more I hear the more it blows my mind and the more it disgusts me how little people discuss the breadth of it beyond the black and white thing.

Within that is how little people know about the racism towards the Chinese. The fact the for 65 years they were the only race banned from emigrating to the USA. The fact that people enacted massacres on groups of them without being sent to jail the list goes on and on. The fact that half of the women in Chinatown in San Francisco were prostitutes in part because men unless merchants were banned from bringing their wives into the country. Read early versions of the constitution of California and much is detailed in black and white. It is a great tribute to the strength of Chinese identity and culture that their is not a great scar evident today in the community drawn from this combined experience. Many of these laws were in place till 1943 and only changed then because of the second world war and China being allies.

Also until the early sixties there was legislation in Los Angeles that prevented certain races living in most areas, this was to enforce segregation though this mostly affected the black community.

I won’t get started about the treatment of the American Indian as I’ll be here all day.

I had a little gathering of a few friends in LA a few years back. About 14 people and I was the only one in the room who would have been given a fair deal in this country a hundred years before. It was a mix of women, non-white, gay, Irish and one white guy who was of a working class background. So much for the American myth.