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Well I confess that I may have misrepresented the Rez Bomb DVD a bit as I indicated there would be about 3 hours of extra features. Truth is I’ve got carried away and now have about 3 hours and 45 minutes of extra mini documentaries and the 45 minute never before seen interview with Russell Means as well as a glimpse behind a day with Russell Means during campaigning. That’s assuming we can fit it all in on the disk LOL.

Now these aren’t the usual crappy extra features on most DVD’s, a bunch of actors praising each other and saying how great an experience it was filming in a warehouse in New Jersey or whatever. These are all features about where we filmed on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the small town of Rushville, Nebraska, both places that I love. They give insight into these communities.

I’m very proud of the package we are offering and are worth the price of the DVD in themselves.

We are offering free shipping with pre-orders. To buy go to www.rezbomb.com and click on the shop link. You can view the trailer there also.


The plan is to go to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation & Rushville, Nebraska where we shot Rez Bomb in a few weeks timeĀ and and tour the film commercially around halls and other venues we can book with a mobile projection system. The big question is what size of audience can we drum up and what will be the right price to charge to get an audience in and that will also cover our costs. Would be a great trip though. If it goes ahead then hopefully we’ll be able to upload new content that we shoot on the tour.