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Thanksgiving Day or ThanksTaking Day? The Stream speaks to actor and activist Russell Means about indigenous land rights and preserving Native American culture.

Please read these great responses to my blog on Russell Means on Al Jazeera and Thanksgiving(taking)

I received some very powerful comments on some of my blogs from Barbara Rose Calzado that I wanted to share.

to Russell Means on Riz Khan’s show talking about Thanksgiving

Barbara Rose Calzado December 8th, 2009 at 6:49 pm · Edit I am a Un-enrolled member of The Oglala Sioux Tribe, My biological parents were […]

Russell Means on Riz Khan’s show talking about Thanksgiving

Here’s an interesting interview recently with Russell on Riz Khan’s great show on Al Jazeera

Renaming Thanksgiving – Suggestions please

Some of my American Indian friends and relatives call Thanksgiving turkey day as that is about all the respect it deserves from them, despite the phony message of the day when you take into account the genocide that followed. Personally I want to see it renamed as Ungrateful Bastards Day. Anyone got any other suggestions?