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Watch Al Jazeera’s interesting program about Johnny Depp’s Tonto & Hollywood’s Native American narrative + my comments

I just saw this a couple of days ago and thought it was worth sharing as it has a strong objective voice from some key individuals from Indian Country. It’s hard to see objectivity to the film in articles written by people who criticised it for a year before seeing it as they clearly don’t want to turn on themselves and do anything other than support their criticism. I haven’t seen it because I don’t go to the movies much so have no opinion on it.

The program also talks about getting independent movies set in Indian Country with home grown talent out there. Having made a movie, a feature documentary and a TV series in Indian Country, I understand more than most these difficulties. The sad part is that the audience within Indian Country is big enough to support small independent films but it rarely does. Even with the all star cast of our series The Hub, only a handful of dvd’s have been sold and there has only been one on demand view of it’s first Indian Market special episode since it was made available 3 weeks ago. I get great feedback from those that watch this fun, inspirational show but the lack of support within the community means we won’t be able to do any more. (click the link at the top right of the page to find our on demand films that can be viewed now anywhere in the world).

Al Jazeera has a long history of covering issues from Indian Country in more detail than any other news organization in the most objective way. They deserve a lot of credit for leading the way on this.

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Johnny Depp and the Dialogue within Indian Country

It seems to me that Johnny Depp’s name is being invoked regularly by various people in relations to Indian Country and I am curious to see how much traffic it draws as opposed to dialogues about the many pressing major issues in Indian Country as well as dialogues about the amazing things going on in Indian Country by it’s best and brightest. I guess I’ll see in a few days about how the traffic to this post compares with my others. I’ll keep you posted but also a lot of those commentators obsessing about Depp for months in some respect are continuing to validate that sad old state of affairs which is what those outside Indian Country are doing in relation to Indian Country is what gets the attention.

If these commentators were spending the same time highlighting the work of Ryan Red Corn, the 1491’s, Steven Paul Judd, Virgil Ortiz etc etc etc, they’d be helping them all take their profiles to new levels as well as sharing their inspirational work with a community that needs these role models to inspire youth.

My feeling is that Depp is as worthy of conversation as anything else but it’s become so disproportionate in the dialogues from some that it takes away from their credibility in terms of focusing on the more serious issues of the day.

The lack of support for the positive within Indian Country is highlighted in my previous blog http://rezbomb.com/blog/?p=714

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