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Eye for Film "Donald had rather more success that day, attending a screening of Rez Bomb which he said was the best thing he's seen at the festival"
Native Peoples Magazine Santa Fe Film Festival: A Brief Report
Among the many documentaries, shorts, animated works and features was the excellent Rez Bomb.

This 95-minute feature, written, directed and produced by Steven Lewis Simpson, was shot entirely on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. All the Lakota characters (including the very convincing Russell Means as a card shark) were played by local actors. It is a gripping tale set against the grinding poverty of Pine Ridge, with excellent acting, dialogue and plot; a distinctive visual style; and high production values. In comments following the screening, Means noted, “It’s put together well and I’m very pleased with it—though I disagree with the happy ending, because I haven’t seen any on our reservation.” The film should be available on DVD in spring.
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