Trent Ford as Scott

The son of a U.S. Navy test pilot and an English air stewardess, Trent Ford should have expected an interesting ride. Despite attending 13 schools up to the age of 18, Trent still attained the grades to attend Clare College, University of Cambridge, whilst setting several academic records on the way. Frustrated with the cronyism of the university drama, he decided to throw himself fully into his hitherto undisclosed passion-film and acting. Three starring roles in films were completed in sync with his studies- Deeply, with Kirsten Dunst; Slap Her She's French! with Piper Perabo and Robert Altman's Gosford Park, for which an ensemble BAFTA was awarded. 


Upon his MA graduation, Trent elected to test the depths of Los Angeles and saw quick success in both fashion and film; Starring alongside Mandy Moore in How to Deal made major inroads into the heart of teen America, landing him opportunities to represent Gap, Valentino and opposite Scarlett Johansson in a Calvin Klein campaign. At the same time, a run on the West Wing demonstrated he had lost no ability in dealing with more nuanced, mature roles. 


Next followed roles that have moved him beyond being witty eye candy to becoming a matured, composed actor, capable of many modes of expression. There are comedies- the deadpan, surreal Park- winner of several film festivals and a turn as an absurd fop in the glossy 1/2 hour comedy, The Class directed by James Burrows. How about a turn as a racist sociopath? No problem, say the makers of Life. To date, the most comprehensive demonstration of Trentís abilities has to be the explosive and wrenching tragedy September Dawn, co starring Oscar winner Jon Voigt. In this piece we see a mature young man, capable of carrying a large budget film, displaying an understated gravity that only the churlish could miss. He most recently completed filming the comedy/drama Possessions co-starring Autumn Reeser and Jaime Murray.


HARMONY/Tamara Feldman
SCOTT/Trent Ford
DODDS/Russell Means
JAWS/Chris Robinson